How Can You Help?

If you’re liking this project, and would like to help see it happen, the project could really use your support.

Pray for the project

So that you can be praying specifically:

With The David Story project there are challenges inherent in the process of its formation that directly affect the project’s potential success. An easy way for us to look at it is in the form of the following equation:

Passion + Talent + Time + Funding = Project’s Potential Success

Passion – We share a deep love for two things–great works of illustration and the Bible. And the combination of those, in our minds, is–awesome! The idea of brilliant art as visual translations of Biblical stories really gets us going. The desire to produce them has been in our minds for several years now and continues to grow. Joe has had it on his heart since 2000 to create a graphic novel of the Bible. Over the years, we have since discovered that there are many graphic novel/illustrated Bibles already in existence. Of which many are great works of art. The main problem with all of them, however, is that in order to create a single-bound illustrated graphic novel they have had to make adaptations of the stories. They are leaving out or even changing the rich details already built into the written narratives. In contrast, it is our deep passion to see those details explode onto the page! And since there doesn’t appear to be anything like this on the horizon we are incredibly excited to take on the challenge of making it a reality. We are ready to dedicate as much of our time, talent and treasure as it takes to see this happen!

Talent – A work of this type requires not only artistic talent, but a developed skill-set as well. We believe that we have both been uniquely gifted and positioned in our lives to be able to do the creative work, the Biblical/historical research necessary and the proper formatting for digital and print distribution. Joe has a Graphic Arts Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is a professional illustrator. He has been creating Biblically-themed art for video, comic books and curriculum for over 15 years working for organizations such as North Point Ministries and the reThink/Orange Group–doing the Biblical research and making art similar to the David project on a monthly basis for over 10 years. Rusty is soon to receive a Digital and Emerging Media Degree from the University of Central Florida. He has teamed up with Joe on several projects for the past 7 years. The workload is well divided between us with Joe handling the conceptual design, pencilling and layout and Rusty taking on the coloring and the digital media design. Our individual abilities and skills are a great complement to each other.

Time – With the high level of detail, historical accuracy and artistic excellence we are expecting for this project, time is a big issue. Everything about the process requires a ton of hours for it to be done right, all the while working within a limited timeframe so that issues can be released on a quarterly basis. Past experience with tight deadlines for highly detailed projects has taught us a lot about late nights and efficiency. So we are ready for that and expect no less from this project. But we are also dealing with freeing up enough of our time to begin with in order to do it. Our time currently is in high demand with the responsibilities of work and family. So the success of this project really depends on the success of this KickStarter campaign. If we reach our funding goals then we will be able to “buy” back the time we need–essentially being able to hire ourselves for this project.

Funding – So far, our biggest challenge. Our time costs money. Research costs money. Digital production costs money. And printing costs money. And we definitely need support. So while we are investing what we can into this project, we are counting on the help of those who believe in this project as much as we do! Together, we can create a product that will have a lasting impact for time and eternity. Thank you!

Fund the project

If you would like to contribute more, to help us finish the book faster, you could continue to support us financially by donating to the Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal, and specifying that the money is for “The David Story”.

The Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal is a non-profit organization that recognizes that there’s a lack of excellent Christian art both estranging the world from the church and allowing the world to capture the church’s youth. We are happy to be partnering with them in the effort to produce something excellent for the sake of God’s Kingdom.